Our Officers

The officers for the 2016-2017 year are:

David Rice, KC2HO
1st Vice President
Doug Falcon, N2JOM
2nd Vice President
Bob Hickman, N2FKW
Barry Burge, KD4MCB
Jerry Wright, NK2C

Committee Chairs:

Hamfest Chairman
Roger Hamilton, WA2AEW
Assistant Hamfest Chairman
Rich Bell, KC2CZK
Sunshine/Health/Welfare Chairman
Barry Burge, KD4MCB
Field Day Chairman
Dave Rice, KC2HO
Club Historian
Fred Herbs, WB2PEM
Assistant Club Historian
Andriy Gronau, KD2KUB
Membership Chairman
Barry Burge, KD4MCB
Public Service Chairman
Walt Bordett, N2IK
Newsletter Editor
Jerry Wright, NK2C
Andriy Gronau, KD2KUB
Election Chairman Mark Eckert, K2MTE
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